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My Little One has had ear infections after ear infections and I often found myself on this site to some way to clear it. I finally found the best answer... though its not a home remedy.

Chiropractor!! Its been 4 months since we've been taking her and 4 months since shes had an infection and this is HUGE! She would have at least one infection a month sometimes twice a month.
Look into it- You wont be sorry!!

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Chiropractor worked for my daughter too. She had chronic ear infections, she'd be put on meds & 2wks after the meds were gone we dealt with another ear infection. The drs wanted to put tubes in but I've only heard of people having them fall out & having more surgeries to replace them. She lets me know when she has ear pain, she goes in for 1-2 adjustments & that's only like twice a year. Definitely the neat decision I've made... no more meds & no surgery!


pen and teller called bullshit on chiropractors..


Chiropractic care has its uses but this ear ache was just a placebo effect. Chiro (especially those that preach body as temple/anti-vaccination bullshit) are nothing but modern day snake oil salesman.


Don't knock it until you've tried it...drugs are not the only answer to medical son's allergies are 100% better than they were prior to his seeing a chiropractor. I would rather have a chiropractor do what he is trained to do and no have to put any type of chemical in my body.

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