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My Little One has had ear infections after ear infections and I often found myself on this site to some way to clear it. I finally found the best answer... though its not a home remedy.

Chiropractor!! Its been 4 months since we've been taking her and 4 months since shes had an infection and this is HUGE! She would have at least one infection a month sometimes twice a month.
Look into it- You wont be sorry!!

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My daughter used to have them lots, she at tubes put into her ear to help drain, no problems since then.


I can vouch for this, chiropractors really are something! I'm 15 and have been experiencing all sorts of odd issues like ear infections, cloudy eyes, focusing issues, shortness of breath etc, and no family doctor nor ophthalmologist could give me an explanation. So I've been going to a chiropractor and turns out its all caused by subluxations, and the fact that my cervical vertebrae is entirely straight. Since your spine holds the bases of your nerves, it can have cause and effect on anything anywhere in your body, that all a doctor will do is give you pills for.
When in doubt, chiropractors are always a good option.


sounds like a chiropractor not a 15 yr old!!!

Samantha Picket

How do I get hold of a chiropractor? Because my ear really hurts and I can't find anything..........




I don't think a chiropractor is nonsense. I have been working as a receptionist in a chiropractic clinic for a year and a half. I see people come in with ear infections, ear pain, plugged ears, and having the feeling of water in their ears. I have seen them come for one or two visits and say they are no longer having that problem. I have seen it happen too many times for it to be nonsense. They can't all be wrong.


the chiro cured my son of his colic within a week. and now we are back seein her to prevent his ear infections! i was skeptical the very first time before we went now i am very glad we went! well worth it!


Don't knock it till you try it. :)Chiropractic care works for so many things. Not everything but SO MANY including the many things other people have mentioned in this post.


my god son suffered from ear infection as a baby at least every months... the parents did not want to go the tube way and tried chiro... well guess what his ear infections stop and no tubes needed...


It's not nonsense at all. The problem is that a part of the skull is out of position and is preventing proper drainage of the ear causing an infection. Lightly massaging the area of the head about an inch above the ear from brow to the back of the head can help. Massaging the roof of the mouth can also help alleviate the pain for a child. These things can be verified with an experienced chiropractor. I witnessed all of this with my little boy.

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