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IT WORKS!!! Rub toothpaste with a Q-tip on your teeth. It works instantly. I've had a toothache for a week.

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♡♡♡♡ :-)

Toothpaste works wonders... I used sensodyne pronamel for sensitive teeth... I have a trial size tube ( $1.00??? ) I applied in really well & all over. It completely took all of my pain about 5-10 minute
s... I had PAIN! ! for a week.... it lasted over 8 hrs..too!!

and it doesn't taste to bad either... that's important too!!


It does help... Thank you!


Thank-you this helps and the best toothpaste you can use is sensodyne toothpaste it is a lil pricey but worth the money


I'm almost 7 months pregnant and let me tell you that being pregnant and only being able to take Tylenol doesn't always do the trick. You however I could kiss you right now because I can't believe how fast this worked. It is now time for this mommy to get some sleep. Thank you so very much.

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