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IT WORKS!!! Rub toothpaste with a Q-tip on your teeth. It works instantly. I've had a toothache for a week.

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Thanks. This really helped. Im 14 so obviously i can't take alot of pain and i did what you said and it helped enormously


hi, i am 14 and i have had tooth ache for the past couple of months but i needed something to ease the pain of as much as possible as my dentist cant get me an appointment till the end of April, i have just put some toothpaste on my pain and it seems to be easing it, but doesn't last long, can you tell me if you can repeat this every couple of hours,


This does work. It doesn't stop the pain all together. But it does stop the really painfully pain. You have to keep replaying but oh we'll. I am gonna be taking my tooth paste everywhere till I can get to the dentist


Thanks for great advice. My daughter was in tear she didn't trust me at first but once she put it on she said Aaaaaawwwwww. ThAnks again.


Omg!! Your my hero!!! My tooth feels incredible compared to a few mins ago!!!!!!! Thank u so much for sharing!!


This really helped reduce my pain from a 10 to a 5!!!!!


I washed my mouth out with warm coke. The pain is now mild :/

Ive been bed 4 times since I got toothache, i remember someone telling me why he drinks so much pepsi and his reply was because it stopped his toothache isnt that weird :/


Thx I had a tooth pain it hurt really bad I couldn't focus in class because of horrible tooth pain. I tried many things but no it lasted what for a min or so. This worked other options had to get soo much things but this has less just toothpaste and q-tip. Thanks


Does it have to be grown up tooth paste or can it be childrens i have small children and i use a whitening paste

♡♡♡♡ :-)

Toothpaste works wonders... I used sensodyne pronamel for sensitive teeth... I have a trial size tube ( $1.00??? ) I applied in really well & all over. It completely took all of my pain about 5-10 minutes... I had PAIN! ! for a week.... it lasted over 8 hrs..too!!

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