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Astringent egg white tightens your pores and reduces puffy bagginess. Egg whites have lots of the B vitamins that promote good circulation and reduce inflammation. You'll want to make sure your eggs have been tested for Salmonella. Dab half a teaspoon of one raw egg white on the clean, dry skin around your eyes only - don't get it into your eyes. Leave it on for about 15 minutes until it dries and then rinse well with warm water. Finally, wash your hands with soap and water.

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i think its good tip


Thanks for sharing your ideas. For further information browse to


Having watched the teilvesed news today I began to panic. I then decided to look into what the new iniversal credit would mean for me. I am a lone parent and in the eyes of others I am nothing more than a scrounger, which to be honest makes me angry afterall there would not be any lone parents if fathers took on their responsibility's but that is another issue ( for this government it's easier to blame the mothers).I have worked and had a good career, owned my own home and done all of the other respectable things that society expects. I had my son when I was 28( so no sorry I don't fall into the gymslip mum category either) and took on the full responsibility of caring for him alone after his father decided it wasn't the right time for children. I continued to work, sold my home and moved nearer to my family. At the age of 2 my son was constantly ill, my wages were docked for the time off that I had to take care of him and I still had to pay the nursery fee's in full. It got to the stage where I was going to be evicted from my home because I could not keep my head above water. I was forced into giving up work just to keep a roof over our heads. After several hospital admissions my son's consultant told me I should have been getting disability benefit for my son all along. At the age of 5 I was awarded the middle rate of care which was a god send. It covered all of the extra heating and equipment that I needed for him.I also receive carers allowance and still have to attend interviews at the jobcentre every 3 months which even the advisor thinks is ridiculous as I am a full time carer for my son. If I do not attend my income support is reduced which is already reduced because I am a carer????.Today to my horror I have discovered that I am to lose more than a3500.00 per month. The disability element has been cut in half for a child. The money that I am to receive will not even cover the rent on my home which I had to move into because of my son's disability, I have no choice in where we live.We do not live the high life, I have one night off a year and that is not an exageration, I spend my time trying to keep my son out of hospital which is actually saving the country thousands of pounds. I am not a scrounger just a victim of circumstance I would far rather have a child that is fit and healthy than take a penny of tax payers money. How can these changes to the benefit system be justified. Mr Cameron had a disabled child he more than anyone should understand the daily difficulties that we endure . I will always remember him on PMQ'S saying how difficult he found it filling in the forms for the DLA. DLA for him was money to pay for the nannies DLA for normal people is a lifeline. If the government is so hell bent on penalising disabled children why don't they means test it. Millionaires receiving benefits is wrong. This government should hang it's head in shame.


Thanks for the tip


What does that have to do with a remedy???


My thoughts exactly who gives a crap


Not to be rude or funny (Submitted by Mehmet at 2013-07-02 09:13:51)but the super long story what does it have to with remedies? I think you have the wrong link, Lol too funny.

sadie brewer

I was just cruzn around look for natural tips on circles and read that whole page lol figuring at some point dark circles was going to be the whole point.LOL YES THE GOVERNMENT SHOULDN'T HANG THEIR HEADS IN SHAME BECAUSE OF OUR DARK CIRCLES!lol!

sadie brewer



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