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Apply Noxzema to the infected area twice a day. After 6 tubes of prescription cream failed to do the trick, I gave up and decided to just let my excema run its course. Then a month later, I read an article about Noxzema and decided to try it. I could see a difference overnight. It helped with the discoloration that can sometimes left by eczema. Keep using it until it eczema is gone. Mine was completely gone within 2 weeks!

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may i know what noxema product is used? the cleansing lotion? thanks much


What type of noxema was it the cleansing cream for your face or what


I was curious if it was excema or just a skin problem my son is 2 and has been dealing with it since he was born and we have tried everthing out there. But i am always open for suggestions!!!


I tried Noxema after reading about it on this site. My daughter had a bad flare up this past Sunday, one of many. I prayed and asked God to please show me something that would work other than the 2% hydrocortisone, which did not help but burned her skin. This is my second day trying this on my daughter's skin and there was an immediate difference and relief for her. She practically didn't scratch at all today and fell peacefully asleep tonight w/o scratching for an hour or more. I would definately recommend this. I even put it in the fridge just to have a more cooling affect. I apply it twice a day and this evening right after her bath and then put a moisture barrier on top. It is one used in hospitals. It holds moisture in her skin after her baths. Definately try this! It WORKS! My prayer was answered. Thank you, Jesus!


To answer the above questions. I purchased the Noxema cleansing face cream (original) in a blue container.

Andrea Martinez

Do you just leave it on or put it on and wash it off?

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