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OK. So I must say that I love this website. Yesterday I was frantic, way beyond the point of tears. I tend to panic over things that out of my control. I've been suffering from a combination of ringworm and eczema. I Read here that you use Blue Star Ointment for the ringworm. I purchased this last night and I woke up this morning with some of the patches practically gone. I paid 4.99 for this product so needless to say it was cheap. After the application my skin turned red and it was burning so I recommend purchasing an Antihistamine along with this Product (Benadryl) so you dont try and itch the skin while the ointment works its magic! <3
Trust me you wont be Disappointed. Im still going to see my dermatologist today because I need to know the source of my skin issues. but Im definitely a much happier campier. Thanks @Myhomeremedies!!!

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I used all creams and all pills for ringworm they disappeard kept using it for additional two weeks i was clear then it came back even worst i been to the doctor no help idk y its coming back for so im trying out tea tree oil i had use three bottles on da fourth there going away but its like one goes away an other comes back plz help me get ride of dis had ringworm for years im 21 and still have ringworm

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