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Ok so I just developed a yeast infection two days ago. I also developed food poisoning not long after (one day ago). So this sucks pretty bad. I have terrible diarreah with an itchy vagina :( I am a mother of 3 under the age of 8, so long spouts of rest is a no no. Grant it my husband is awesome and does a great job but he cant do it all alone.
So anyway, my yeast infection has become so unbearable and itchy and burny to the point where i didnt want to get up and walk around the house. I cried to my husband. We cant make it to the doctors til the morning for an exam. So as usuall i googled home remedies.
There were so many, I didnt know what to look at first. But a few stood out the most. Also i hadnt gone grocery shopping so i didnt have many of the ingredients for the other remedies that i wanted to try. But one stood out the most. Yogurt and salt!
I showed my husband, and he said it wont hurt give it a try. I just so happen to have two yoghurt probiotic (rasberry, strawberry banana) in fridge. So i ran a lukewarm/hot bath and poured 2 tablespoons of salt in the running water. I got in sitting on my knees, slowly sitting. I let the salt water cleanse my vagina for about 3 minutes (try not to soak long). I then gently washed the dirt from my vagina with baby aveeno wash. Then rinsing all soap from vagina with clean warm water.
I got out the tub and gently patted dry with a towel. So then i ate 2/3 of a yogurt and used the rest of for my vagina. HERE'S HOW: (MY HUBBY HELPED).
1.grab q-tips and yogurt and a mirror,few pillows
2.lay your head on the pillows while on your back
3.have your partner/husband/friend/someone hold the mirror up so the you have a view of your vagina
4.dip a q-tip into the yogurt coating it generously
5.look into the mirror while spreading your vaginal lips and coat each lip top to bottom left to right with yogurt
6.repeat making sure to coat entire outside area of vagina (if some slip in its really ok it will only help)
Once doing these steps. Lay a towel on the bed and lay down immediately. Get a book or watch tv. But please give it 5 minutes or so. I remember telling my husband 'this sucks it doesnt work at all'. To my suprise 10 minutes later i was so into Startrek 'next generation' lol i didnt even notice my entire symptoms had dissapeared completely. I am a real mom 27yrs and this will work. I had to right this post immediately because IT WORKS!!!!!!!!! EAT PROBIOTIC YOGURT, WARM 5 MINUTE SALT BATH, AND YOGURT ON THE VAGINA!!!!!!! COMMENT AND TELL ME HOW IT WORKS FOR YOU! GOOD LUCK

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Hi there,

So I just started a yeast infection, and it's pretty itchy down there and so uncomfortable.. Didn't know what to do and I didn't feel like running down town to get a bunch of things that could help so I seen search online, seen your post though it was kinda weird but I decided to try it anyways, and I feel so much better now. No more itchyness what so ever! Thank you for posting this, you've made my night!! :)


So glad to hear that you tried my post and it worked for you!!! Yeah when i first researched for home remedies i came across alot of stuff that i was like wtf this stuff cant possibly work. But times are tough and my husband and i figured it cant do any harm because they are natural foods. But i have 2 more for you that i have tried since then. And my vagina thanks me!!! Please try them seriously if the itch is still bothersome. I will post them under the name Emomof3. But u have to check everyday for the post cuz it wont be submitted until the site approves it in like a day or two.


You shouldn't use yogurt that has fruit in it to treat a yeast infection. The sugar in tougher with fruit can cause the yeast to multiply as it acts as a food source. Yogurt is a great way, in my opinion, to treat a yeast infection as long as it is PLAIN, otherwise it can do more harm than good.


I already know that sweetie about the plain yoghurt. You are not telling me nothing new. Flavored yoghurt is all i had available at the time and it still worked great for me and others as you can see. I dont need a lesson on yeast growth. I actually posted another remedy yesterday so once they approve it you can check it out. Thank you for your input though.


After the yogurt step do I clean the vagina again? And how often just these steps be used?


not just, **should**

amy n kansas city

Hi..I normally only wear underwear when I have too.( ragging week) but after wearing tight jeans from orlando driving to kansas city I arrived home on fire..All the tips are awesome.but how do we treat our husbands? He still has his skin @ he cleans well but seems like he has to be giving it back @ forth to me as my current infection is # 4 in last 2 months..Help!!


Can I try yogurt even if I'm in my periods? It's unfortunate I've got this terrible vaginal infection and now my periods... I so so wanna try this yogurt thing but not sure if I can do it now.. Plz help!

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