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Dr. Saif Ahmad

I live in Georgia, USA and here every year during pollen season, I am having nasal congestion and red and itchy eye, cough and it last for 2-3 weeks. It affects my work and energy as I am not able to get good sleep. every night is hell and i have to wakeup like 2 am till morning because there is no air passage from my nose. I feel like I will dye by suffocation. well I tried several medicine including allerga, Zyrtec, clertin and many more, nothing worked. I got frustrated by advice and medicines. As I belong to India where we use traditional medicine to cure these problems. Today I had worst day and now I feel better because I did what I was supposed to do...
I boil the water in a pan and put some cardamom (brown which is big size and small one), raw ginger, apple cider, clove, whole black pepper not powder, fennel seeds, cinnamon and i waited for 5 minutes till water extracted their natural compounds. When it came to boil and vaporization started , I took a towel and cover up my head along with the pan. I started inhaling the vapor for 10 minutes (first use mouth and then after few seconds you will be able to inhale by nostril). Believe me or not, within a minute I felt that I am in heaven because my right nostril got open and finally i was breathing. I felt so relaxed and I think i will do it again after a break. atleast you can breath and it helps a lot......just try it and believe me you will like the smell of vapor also. It worked for me......

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I will try allergies are killing me!!!!

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