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Castor oil soaked gauze covered with a dry dressing. ( dry gauze and tape or a large bandaid works. I know this sounds crazy but i found this remedy online on many different websites and due to the fact that the pharmacy was out of black salve also know icthemal i tried it. In one day it had opened and started draining relieving almost all the pain and it didn't hurt when it opened. It is the best thing i swear.

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Super uncomfortable... Thank you soooooo much for the simple and inexpensive remedy. I had the ingredients in the linen closet. Plus not driving. Been sittin in the house for 3days hopefully I will be bck ths weekend bcs I live for the weekend. Been reading other posts. Hope nothing else is wrong. Although i've seen dif doc's abt ths recurrig issue none of them gave me a direction to take to find why i keep getting ths bugger in the same place. OMG God is Real....


If you have reoccuring boils that are being cultured and coming back negative for infection, but still abscess, hurt and drain, than most likely you have an auto-immune disease called Hidradenitis Suppurativa. It's called a rare disease, but it's far from rare.. most doctors just don't know about it so it often gets misdiagnosed. Due to lack of awareness and funding, this disease is incurable. Thankfully, there are treatment options and even surgeries for those who have it at its worst.

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