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David Kallin

Put a rubber wrist band around your leg or thigh slightly below the point of sensation. (larger band for area above knee) Sensation normally goes away after a few minutes.

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Mine starts in my lower back and goes into my arm as well as my legs. But tonight it is below the knee. I didn't have anything but an elastic bandage. Didn't work!


Yeah.....the reason why this works is cuz your cutting off the circulation dufus. DO NOT try this or you will hurt yourself


The pressure applied from the band is light and barely noticeable. It's not a tourniquet and will provide a good night's sleep.


Have to agree with this method. It is obvious that the band must be a light but significant pressure and therefore safe. I only had medium sized rubber bands and used about 10 bands together ((to spread the pressure) for each lower leg not far above the ankle. I found this dumped-down the restless legs to a level where I could immediately get sleep. Wonderful !


yeah elastic bands work realy well , sometimes i have bands on both arms and legs and then sleep beautifully i used to take a high strength magnesium tablet which worked great except build up in toes causes cristalization in joints , very painfull so elastic is magic

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