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I've had problems with my teeth for a long time and recently I lost half a tooth eating toast! (I know right?)

I know exactly what a sleepless night of toothache can be like; a deep, gnawing torture of the soul!

Usually I would use Ibruprofen and Codeine (Nurofen Plus) and paracetemol to cope with the pain but after reading a few remedies here I came up with quite a good one.

Puree a garlic clove (just one) I use a garlic card so it becomes almost liquid. Add seven or so drops of clove oil, a good dash of salt and a good dash of paprika or tumeric. Mix it all together and apply to the tooth.
I will warn you though, clove and garlic can burn your mouth at first but the relief is almost instant.
For me it doesn't quite remove all the pain but it does make it FAR more manageable.
Using the above painkillers at the recommended dosages too makes it almost dissapear.
Hope it helps.

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