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Alex C.

I developed Genital Warts about 3 years ago and but has it been one of the biggest pains in the butt ever. I went from having sex all the time with my girlfriend to being ashamed and having no sex at all. But through trial and error I have discovered some great methods.

Step one: Boost your immune system to help fight off genital warts naturally. Step two: Use Skinhale wart remover to remove any visible genital warts fast. It's all natural so It's safe to use on sensitive areas. Step three: Stay positive and remember you are not alone. Each year over a million people develop genital warts. Good luck everyone!

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ALL these so called 'remedies' are for guys. I see nothing here for females. Oh, and by the way....just because the warts go away does NOT mean they are gone forever. Once you have venereal warts, you have them for your whole lifetime. There is NO cure and you are still at risk to spread the disease AND die from cancer from it. Venereal warts AND Herpes...the 'gifts' that keep on giving!!! Don't fool yourself or others.


Thanks for sharing this method. I'm going to give it a try.


Scam read more and you will see the same posts stop!


I'm sorry you wasted your money! I find it sad that people prey on others that have conditions like this! We already have enough problems stop trying to scam our money as well! Karma!!


TO THE LADY LADY SAYING THESE REMIDEIS ARE ALL FOR GUYS??? no they are not. the remedys ARE FOR BOTH MALE AND FEMALE. just read them and the comments. some of them were even posted BY females. ACV. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR works on both MEN AND WOMEN . i even posted on here about it. use that. it works wonderfully and its cheap n a gallon of it last forever

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