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I have been searching for a while now looking for home remedies and this site is by far the best. I'm so glad I found it! I've been suffering from this crap for about a year now and have tried an ton a stuff and nothing worked. Finally after reading all the post in here I tried some new things and right away all seems good! First, in the shower I did the hydrogen peroxide with water douche thing (with a water bottle) I actually just poured it in since I didnt have a
squeeze top one. Than right after I did the same thing with apple cider vinegar and water. Usually the stench comes back 15mins or so right out the shower but this time NOTHING! ALL DAY I was smell free! To be safe, I still went and got some vitamins. I got the D3, probiotic 1 billion, vitamin c 1000, and I also found a apple cider vinegar one too. I did put the vitamin c one inside me that night and like other women it did burn a lil but only when it was close to falling out but went away when I took it out, I don't think ill do that aging though. Anyways, this is the second day after doing the mixes and I seem pretty good but I'm sure it'll come back and ill have to do it again :( but that's okay cause it's so easy and quick. Hope this can help some other ladies out there!

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Just an update: its been over a month and everythings still good! :D

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