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I have a wiadom tooth going sideways towrd my teeth pushing them. Right next to it is a decayed tooth. So I have been in massive pain the last couple days. I have taken vicadin and many other pain killers that did not work it calmed it down but still painful. Then I found my sons teething tablets (humphreys 100% natural) tjey dissovle in water. With the babys you rub the water with the dissolved tablets on their gums. But for me I put 5 or 6 tablets to dissolve and I would put some in my mouth and let it sit on the area hurting. It works. I have crushed up a quarter or a vicadin pills with it one time which helped it go away a little longer. But the tablets work on there own! This is amazed me I was thinking I was taking a long shot but it surprised me! These tablets can be purchased at a walmart cvs or targets anything like that in thw baby medicine area. I hope this helps anyone else!

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Once the baby teeting tablets dissolved, did you just let the water mixture sit in your mouth?


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