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I have had recurrent bacterial vaginosis for the past 6 months. It started when I got on birth control. I would get a yeast infection, treat that, then get bacterial vaginosis. I was treated twice by the doctor but both times; the same result happened. Treatment, yeast infection, bv & the cycle would repeat.

I came on here to find a more natural remedy. I saw one about using yogurt on a tampon as well as a baking soda wash. Both have worked but only temporarily and have cleared up the symptoms but not completely. I have been using probiotics; the baking soda wash; and the smell isnt nearly as bad but every once and awhile it will start getting bad again.

does anyone have a permanent solution that they can honestly say worked and it didn't come back? I have never douched before and am nervous about doing it; especially with peroxide or apple cider vinegar.

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I battled with BV since I was 17.. I am now 32! It took me 15 years to find a cure. Antibiotics will not work. I was on flagyl so many times I developed an allergy to it and would be sent to the ER right now if I even touched one. What you need to do is balance your body's ph. Not just your vaginal ph, but your body's ph. It's very simple and I have done it for over a year with NO outbreaks. I drink water with lemon juice.. (Fresh lemons not bottled) like its going out of style, spinach.. Spinach.. Spinach.. It's non acidic. The key is balancing out the acidity in your body. Lemons are acidic in nature but turn alkaline when digested. Study an alkaline diet. I'm not crazy all alkaline foods, I still eat bad things, but this diet changed my life. If you want relief right go get an 8oz glass and mix 1/4 tsp of baking soda and drink before bed after 3 or 4 hrs of eating, do it again once awake one hr before breakfast. It's amazing. No smell no discharge no expensive doctor bills. Good luck! ;)


I forgot to mention that I also stopped using tampons and I stopped washing my kitten with soap. I know it sounds nasty and to be honest I have to remind myself not to use soap because its such an engrained habit to do so. Just water and a wash rag. ( I don't know why, but I feel better about not using soap only if there is a rag involved in my cleaning lol ;)). I want all women with sensitive areas like mine to at least be given a chance to try this. I wish someone could have given me these things to try when I was young. I went through years of embarrassment and insecurities because of it. No woman should have to go through this.

Sheila Thorpe

I need a remedy because I don't have insurance or a doctor. So what do I do the smell is awful?! I see many things but not sure what to do.


I rectny; found out that i am allergic to condoms so me and my boyfriend after being tested started to have unprotected sex. I noticed that foul fishy smell and back 2004 when i first started having sex i would constantly get UTI's and BV. So i started now what i use to do then. I take my daily multivitamins Alive for women I make sure i eat 3 meals a day, at least 20 fl oz. of Orange Juice and at least one regular or greek yogurt. My Gyno back then advised me to do this because skipping or missing meal throws of the pH so yogurt makes sure our normal flora(good bacteria) stay present. The orange juice (vitamin c) keeps or pH at an acidic level for good flora to exist and bad bacteria will not survive. Cranberry juice helps with the issue as well I mix my juices and make cran-orange. This time around instead of antibiotics I started using Luvena Prebiotic it comes with 6 applicators i used them every three days until the smelll diminished and continued with what i stated above. It worked for me and I hope it works for you.


In response to the young lady who uses water and a wash cloth. I'm only able to use Dove Sensitive (non scented). It works wonders. If I use anything else, including Summers Eve, I will have a reaction.

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