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This solution is for people with a severe infection.

I am 26 and have had this insufferable malady for the last half of my life. As a girly girl, I would have my nails covered with polish and would never risk anyone seeing the ugly infection by ever letting them breathe without the polish. If you can, do not paint your toes as it makes it WORSE!

Against medicine and at my wits end, I finally decided to take matters into my own hands (literally). I had enough.

1. I clipped my nail ALL the way down as far as I could. This was pretty far because it had gotten so bad that the nailbed was very much separated. My nail was about half an inch big when I was done.
2. I rigorously filed the top. So what I was left with was a very short, very thin toenail.

To make sure the nail fungus was really gone, I would tape an Apple Cider Vinegar soaked cotton ball onto my toe. It stinks but I didn't care. I would leave it there as long as I could until I couldn't stand the irritation any longer.

I did this for a month and it really got my nail under control. I am in month 6 now, and I still have a daily routine to make sure it continues to grow in healthy.

I file every surface of it every day with a new nail file, then I apply Zeta Clear (I think the main ingredient in it is tea tree oil).

I have to stress that you really have to stay on top of it even if it looks like it's going back to normal. If I skip a day I can see it trying to come back!

It's a lot of work, and the remedies smell really bad, but it is so worth it, especially now that the weather is warming and I can go carefree in sandals for the first time since I was 13!

If you have a special event or really just want to have pretty feet for a little while, I highly recommend the little stick on toenails that they sell in drugstores. They stay on for over a week and they will make you feel like you have beautiful feet again!

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It's been 3 days of trying the Viniger and it's looking good , the itching has got less worse , ill keep you updated.


How can you call this a cure, if you are already in month 6? I do not have that much time or patience.


By 'new nail file' every day, do you mean an emery board? You use a new one every day? That's a lot! Where do you get them so cheap? Dollar stores?


Hi! This is the original poster.

To answer the question about the nail file - yes, I meant emery board. They aren't too expensive, but I do by them in the biggest pack available in whatever store I'm in. It's important to change it out often (same as with socks) because you could risk reinfection. If you file it away every day, then every day you might have less and less infection until eventually you are growing in a completely healthy nail. This thing is a beast and especially in my severe case, there is no trick to getting rid of it easily or fast. Good luck to all of the other sufferers!


Hello and thank you for your post. I have a severe case of toenail fungus and I need your help. Are you open to discussion or email? I really need some encouragement and direction. I am ready to finally take the challenge on to get rid of the fungus that has plagued all nails severely. Please call if you receive this message.


I've found with using topical treatments soaked in a cottonball, that a finger cot rolled over top, keeps the treatment in place comfortably.

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