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hey guys okay i know its not easy to get rid of strech marks but ive been reading through some of the comments on here and this is what ive picked up and THEY WORK.
1. baby oil (3times a day)
2.lemon juice
3.cocoa butter
4.aloe vera oil
7.brown suger
8.1 lime/ lemon
Pinch of salt
Pinch sugar
Smallest cup in ur house of milk/cream
Take the lime cut it in half the take the salt put it on the lime/lemon rub on ur stretch marks for 2 min.
Put the lime/lemon under water to take off the salt get the sugar and do the same....
Then with the milk put some on the lime/lemon and do the same.
baby powder
sweez lemon juice in baby powder leave for 5 mins and then rub in with a sponge or something
11.honey and salt
12.vapor rub

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hi,just wanted to ask ,how long does it take for the stretch marks to disappear?


your making this one seems like your making something to eat,, stretch marks killing me :(


Am gonna try it and see the results I get from it because these stretch marks ain't cute


trying it today! i'll report back with results :)


im using baby much time takes to see the results?? PLS ANSWER FAST


I put honey with salt .


does the honey with salt work?


LMAO if anyone tried this remedy, your nuts! The lemon juice is just a bleach, its gonna bleach your skin, this is not a remedy, remedy means to resolve the issue, not a temp fix, slapping a bandaid over them would do the same thing as lemon juice recipes, and the whole lime=waste of time. The reason you get stretch marks us because your skin ran out of elasticity, the best ways to combat this would be to find a way to infuse the skin with collagen. If you look on amazon you can buy a small 100% collagen bottle, otherwise as a temp fix you can use a fresh egg white, ( careful not to mix in yok) you will want to grab a tiny bottle of grape-seed oil & if possible jojoba oil. Then on the stove mix 1/2 cup of milk, table spoon of both oils, and 1tablespoon of honey, and simmer till they mix into 1 liquid, now if your using egg white, all your mix to cool off before adding some to egg white. You don't have to mix all of it, but when mixd with egg, whip it, put a towel on and place it anywhere you have stretch marks. Stand there for about 5-10 mins or 2 if u have a small fan, it will dry quickly. ( also this is great for your face too, helps prevent and diminish wrinkles.) then you can leave as long as u like, or take a shower its up to you. Egg white to mix of liquids should be 3:1. If you have the collagen, here's a great nighttime lotion, - in a clean container combine 2 tblspoons of bees wax, 2 tablespoons of collagen, and 2 of Tresemme aloe vera conditioner. Then
mix and heat together 1 tablespoon of each
-jojoba oil
-grape-seed oil
-coconut oil
Let cool a bit. Then combine with collagen, and bees wax, conditioner mix. Stir/mix all together and enjoy many times, use anywhere you get wrinkles, have scars, or stretch marks. And if you lay out or tan put on this first, lay out for no more than 15 mins, before applying sun screen, and careful if you burn easy I don't even recommend it.

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