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19yr w/ GH type 2

About a month before i turned 19 i was diagnosed with GH and that was almost 4months ago and now im having my second outbreak and im looking for other homeremedies other than espom salt and aloe vera so if you have anything to give me feed back on to try please feel free and comment

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1. To prevent future outbreaks take two tablets of Bee Propolis every day. Propolis has natural antiviral properties and it stimulates immune system.

2. Once you have outbreaks before things get worse put 1 to 2 drops of tea oil on the lesion 3 times a day. It will sting a little. Or you can apply propolis tincture three times a day. I only had one outbreak which was the primary or initial outbreak. Thereafter I have no outbreaks except one bump appeared in my ass crack and I quickly applied tea tree oil and by the 2nd day it's gone

3. Don't be stressful.


I, myself, have had it for several years and have never taken any anti-viral drugs because I am more concerned about putting extra chemicals into my body than necessary.
I don't get outbreaks very often but when I do they are usually on my hip and thighs always in the same two spots.
When I feel an outbreak coming on I immediately apply Tea Tree Oil and vaseline before the blisters appear. Sometimes this prevents a severe outbreak, sometimes it doesn't, kind of just depends. Once the blisters appear, though, I do not use the vaseline because it's important for them to dry out to heal faster. Once the blisters appear, I apply tea tree oil to the area several times a day.
One thing that I have found to be very effective, and reduced the length of the outbreak almost in half, I use crushed aspirin and a little water to form a paste. I apply it directly to the outbreak and let it sit for several minutes until it dries.
It will burn for a few minutes but it's very effective in relieving the pain, and inflammation.
I also add a few drops of tea tree oil to a bath a couple times a week, regardless of whether I have an outbreak or not. It's very beneficial for your skin.


i am 25 i was dignosed with gh about9 moths ago the things that i use for the pain and discomfort are goldbound pouder exster stranth and proxside
and this might sound odd but i also use kanker A gek it is ment for the HA
inside ot the mouth but uaed for the same perpuse


When I feel a tingle, I up bathing to 3 or more HOT baths a day. I then apply new skin to the tingling area after EACH bath and dry the area well with a hair dryer. Works like a charm for me, I do this several times a day for several days. Honestly, sometimes the lesions never amount to anything at all. No blister, no weeping, no nothing. I use cornstarch several times a day to avoid any friction as well as keeping the entire area dry.


Oh and remember...don't contaminate your bottle of new-skin. Use a Q-tip to dip out of, apply to leasion, throw it away and then start new with a NEW q-tip. Very important! NEVER double dip!!!!!


I have just purchased an ebook on relief/cure of GH. It recommends Hydrogen Peroxide 35%taken over 21 days, giving you all instructions for safe usage

Google... Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 benefits and the quantity they recommend is similar to what the herpes site recomend
As well as Extra virgin coconut oil.It is given a very good writeup for GH.
Keep reading wonderful sites like this and stay strong to yourself.


Witchazel soothes itching and soreness then apply nyal cold sore cream camphor menthol this helps heal and soothes then apply nyal cold sore cream with acolovair this minimises the duration i have used this method many years and found it to be highly effective with reasonably pain free bouts


Try the Lysine vitamins once a day. For me I have this disease for almost 2 years, got it from my unfaithful x boyfriend. But Im taking now the Garlic Pearl from India, as we all know that Garlic is an anti Bacterial and can boost our Immune System, Im taking Garlic Pearl 2 soft gel in a day. And for almost 6 months never had an outbreak. Use to eat fruits and vegetables also. Avoid chocolates and kind of nuts because it has more on arginine.


plz Try Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35% search online benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide.. u start with small dosage.. and slowly increase until u get to 25 drops.. u take with 16 oz of water or for me.. fruit juice works best..
for ur sores use Mothers Apple Cyder vinegar.. soak for 15 at a time.. 3 times a day.. it clears ur sores in 3 to 4 days..
Good luck..

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