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I just take equel parts of cinnimon and tumeric...mix together and wet finger and put on sore or infected tooth.
Not only takes pain and infection away but leaves you breath fresh.
Repeat as necessary till pain is gone.
Works for me.

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NO. It taste's like **** and doesn't help AT ALL.


It brought me more relief than painkillers.


Just tried it and I can feel it working already. Thanks for posting, this really works!


Tastes better than cloves! And it works!


tastes ...not awful,but not nice!!! does seem to sooth ache


This really works, infact i put cinamon and tumeric in 1/4cup of water then threw in a piece of cotton wool until it got soaked and put it onto the tooth worked within 20seconds..instant relief!,TRUST ME IT WORKS!!!!

Texas Ambler

The cinnamon/turmeric solution worked wonders for me. Instant pain relief. No full relief, but should be enough to let me sleep the rest of the night. Thanks!


Tried it only I added ground cloves also. Feeling some relief. Rubbed it on gums around the sore area and on the tooth.


OMG Thank you so much for posting this, I had a horrible toothache so I thought I would give it a try....Wow, started working right away, finally some relief.
Don't know for how long but this really really works Thank you sooooo much

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