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my BEST remedy so far has got to be clove oil, or natural cloves. you can find clove oil at a pharmacy or even a local supermarket, and the same with natural cloves. my doctor also suggested this to me. i used the natural cloves as i didnt have the oil, i placed the clove between the tooth and the bottem and pressed on it for a while, you will feel a bit of numbness and a stingy feeling, but the pain was gone in minutes! Im smiling again.

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I tried a version of the clove remedy by opening both ends of a tea bag, adding 2 or 3 whole cloves in each end...I folded each end shut again and stuffed in mouth between tooth and cheek (it was a back molar where filling had fell out)...after a bit the pain began to lessen from the cloves while the tea soothed my hurt gums a bit

Tooth Fairy

Works for me! Thanks!


Not really a home remedy cause it's not a very common household product but a short trip to the pharmacy will do the trick.


this defiantly worked for me I have a strange numb feeling for how long I don't knw


clove oil works awesome be carefull tho my daughter got into mine one day and when I called poison control they said it can cause 3rd degree burn and also have a cup ready cause u will b salivating a lot.

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