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If you dont have olive oil, you could also use baby oil. I put about 2 or 3 drops in my son's ear before bed. I made sure he laid on his side for a few minutes to make sure it worked itself down to the ear canal. then the next day all the wax worked itself out without flushing with water. my family doctor is who suggested this to me.

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Used this tip this morning, waited 10 mins with it in my ear and was able to flush it out after about 5 minutes of trying. Was amazed at the size of what came out.

Big thanks! I can hear again lol


Holy Cow!! It worked!! My sister-n-law was about to go to the Dr. and we read about olive oil. She put 2 - 3 drops in for 3 minutes and then she flushed her ear with warm water. I couldn't believe what came out of her ear!!! Don't be afraid!!! Try it!!


Worked very well!


I was using an over the counter medicine for days with flushing with no improvement whatsoever, I tried this method and then the next day I was hearing in stereo surround sound!! I even made an appt. with the Dr. That I can now cancel. Thank you so much! Anna


Worked like a charm. 3 drops of baby oil, waited like 5 minutes, then with a warm water ear wash, the ear wax came shooting out!! Thanks for the help!!!


How do you apply the warm water to get wax out?


Cancell last post, have just all threads now.


Sorry, but I don't see the answer to how you flush with a warm water wash. Can someone enlighten me? Thanks.


I didn't use olive oil, i used something over the counter but it seems it has some kind of oil in, i let the liquid set in my ear for about 20 min, got one of those blue baby nose suringe and put warm water in a cup, put a towel down by the sink, and just flush your ear out with the warm water, after about 8 flushes, WOW...i can't believe that was in my ear...i can HEAR...

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