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My fever blisters appear around allergy season. With sinus drainage setting up acid overload in the stomach I find an antacid helps greatly to squelch the cause. Then I hit the lip with what ever topical cream/balm/lotion I have on hand. I do not recommend popping the blister, secondary infections are harder to deal with. Experiment with the already stated ointments and OTC remedies to find what your body responds to. Salt or nail polish remover would be ones to avoid, in my opinion. There is a difference in drying up and irrating an already inflamed area. Common sense says lots of liquids and extra rest, too. Good luck!

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Ive found baking powder and a few drops of water too make it pastey and leaving it on for about 20 to 30 minutes 2 times a day works wonders for me, I haven't had a blister that couldnt be knocked out by that in one or two days.

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