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Hi everybody.
I am a 23 year old male who was diagnosed with HPV about 5 months ago. Had only ever had one anal wart. Got it frozen and was all good after that. Skin however has gotten really irritated since. I've had days where itch is unbearable and sometimes burns a bit. I found another warty like growth I've had since november(doctor said looked like a skin tag at first) but now it looks like a wart. Getting that treated. Havent tried acv since I have irritated skin around my anus and am afraid it will burn even more than it did with others. However, if anyone out there knows of anything that can help with the affected skin(anything besides neosporin and vaseline since I've used both with no success) i would really appreciate it. And remember you can live a normal and happy life with this. Dont let it keep you down. Lets fight this!

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Happy with Herpes

Hi James
I'm so sorry to hear about your warts...its really really tormenting. ..I don't have warts only herpes...I'm gay and I guess the vast majority of gays have herpes or/and HPV...

As for your warts have you tried green tea extract? It's proven that it works against warts...there's one brand approved by FDA called Veregen or Vegeren...not sure of the correct spelling...try that and let us know

Herpes and warts involve our immune system...the warts...the lesion will only appear when our immune system is try to stimulate your immune system by exercise and takes time but its worh it...

Only have one herpes outbreak that was the first primary outbreak and I hope I won't get another one...I enhanced my immune system by these steps:

Be cool and try not to get angry

Stay calm and don't stress out yourself

Vitamin C and B Complex
Bee Propolis Tablet 500mg each twice a day
Green Tea twice a day

That's all and so far so good I don't get any outbreak

Wish u luck


Hello. Yea it's a bummer but gotta live with it. Thank you so much for the info. I'm definitely gona give it a try and keep you posted. Thanks again. And lmk how it goes for you.


Hi ,
I had an anal wart as well. It was a little bit Stubborn but after using Hydrogen Peroxide 3 % the wart became small and disappeared. I just used cotton soaked with Hydrogen Peroxide and wiped the wart many times a day for about 2 weeks . My anal wart was gone for about 3 months now. Hydrogen peroxide 3% doesn't burn at all .


Virgin Coconut oil


100% castrol oil. Soak a cotton ball and then put a waterproof bandaid or something to cover it. keep doing it till its gone. for stubbern ones. make a paste with the Castro oil n baking soda. apply it and cover it.

Happy with Herpes

Hey James. ..any update? I don't have any outbreaks anymore


Yeah, I'd say extra virgin coconut oil. It supposedly is antiviral, antimicrobial, antiseptic, etc. Also, tea tree oil for occasional (perhaps uncomfortable) maintenance. Also, perhaps some highly potent organic green / white tea. You can also use the organic extra virgin coconut oil in place of butter and other fats for internal warts and general well-being.

Bob / white tea for direct application + yes, drink regularly.

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