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A really good remedy for minor burns is butter. Run under cold water for a minute and apply some butter for relief. Hope it works for you like it does for me :)

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No, No No. Butter was what they told us to do years ago. It is not a good solution.


Absolutely DO NOT use butter!!!!!!! This is one of the WORST things you can do. NO, NO, NO.


Butter is thick and holds in the heat!


The Mayo Clinic's website says don't use butter.


Thank you Paula Dean.

pat bell

butter will cook the burn never ever use butter or anycream as the burn is hot and it will make the burn worse. a bad burn you take straight to a doctor. i know i had a burn from a gas stove and when i went to the doctor, told me it was third degree burn.


my wife burned her finger tips and palm on a lightbulb ........ouch........BUTTER wow WHAT A RELIEF TY


Butter is not good for burns. We found by accident that tea tree oil (melaleuca) works incredible. We now keep it in the car and kitchen. I seared the top of my hand on a broiler. I put tea tree oil on immediately and it healed with no blister.


BUTTER IS VERY BAD for a burn, it might feel good at first but it holds in the heat and damages the layer under the skin and can actually make it worse later on. DO NOT use butter even if it feels good at first . cool -cold water Honey , egg whites or aloe vera are the best or look up on reputable medical websites


the guy that dosnt use butter on burns

Butter, yes! an excellent treatment for burns! I might as well stick my hand back in the fire! yes that should help!

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