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Take a bottle of coke and make it flat then drink it. My high school nurse in school used to swear by it and i do too. It may not taste that great but it sure is worth it

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Coke syrup can be purchased by the bottle at most pharmacies. It is everything but the carbonated water. Alittle of this over ice works wonders and is much faster than waiting for a pop to go flat!


you can also buy coke syrup from the pharmacy, and sip it slowly over crushed ice!


I had a really bad bout of gastritus recently,then I remembered someone had been recommended a remedy whilst on a long haul flight which was simply fresh orange juice and a fizzy coke in seperate glasses. sip each one in turn slowly... cramps had completely gone within an hour.coincidence or not?


just wondering... everyone says to drink flat coke or coke syrup... but isn't the whole point of drinking it for the carbonation? when my stomach hurts i always drink coke to give the gas in my stomach some relief... maybe theres some story behind flat coke that will cure me forever but i hope u can answer me

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