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Mayonnaise kills the live lice, and helps the eggs loosen up better for you to comb out.

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I used the mayo one and it worked. I let the hair set for an hour with saran wrap over it. Then I rinsed and combed the hair in the tub. The lice fell of DEAD! It was cool to see them all dead. I don't think it helped much with loosening up the nits though. Those were still pretty hard to get out.


Does this work with Miracle Whip too?


We have used this remedy several times on my daughter, the only problem is that yes it does kill the live ones but then the nits/eggs hatch quickly and reinfest the hair. To us, this was not a great thing. Hope you have better luck.


I worked in a group home for children, and the mayonnaise treatment is what they used. Between weekly inspections, combing and mayo, they never seemed to need to use anything else- and we'd have kids come in very infested!


I only had Hellman's Mayo with Olive Oil.. and Since it has olive oil in it the lice would escape. My mother thinks I dont have ANY but I did it anyway.

So I hope your idea works, I also had mircale whip but I used the olive oil instead. :)

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