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First off squeezing them out is probably the worst thing you could do.

I have a solution.
Paint your face with Elmers glue, let it dry on and then peel it off. Make sure it's totally dry. You will actually see the black heads on the glue. Yes, its gross but it works without hurting your skin. :)

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The Nose Knows

I had to give this one a try simply because it's the same concept as the Biore nose strips. I truely am amazed. It pulled the tiny hairs of my nose that I didn't even know where there and it also pulled out the black heads. I did put a thick coat of glue on and let it dry really good before pealing it off then washed my face really good again.


Don't apply to your cheeks! My eyes are still currently tearing and my nose started running


Q so if you put it on your face and you pull it off when its dry i have to say it pulled hair off to!!! not very good .. hair will grow back thicker and dark !!!


Tried it and did not work on blackheads at all and it pulled my fuz hairs on my face im concerned now about that coming in thicker. I do not recommend this to ur face.


Well I just tried this and have to say it failed miserably!! It pulled out maybe 3 blackheads. It did bring them to the surface though, so I was able to squeeze them out (think pinch the skin not actually squeeze). I am now left with an extremely red face and I hope the redness fades soon, since I have to leave the house in an hour and 15 mins.


You're black, aren't you..


What does the race of this person matter!! I know all nationalities that have tried this some say it works and some say it does not.. Leave the ignorant comments to yourself douche bag


Laughed at this when I first read it but I did try and was surprised it worked. Wacky remedie but effective lol


I do this all the time and it works! You have to make sure it is completely dry or it wont work...

that _gurly_kayla

I'm trying it now on my nose. I'm scared...hope it works because I have church tomorrow and a date with my boyfriend. I don't want it to look bad tomorrow if it doesn't work....and it smells horrible X3

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