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For anyone that has ever truly had a BAD hangover, you know that it can sometimes be hard to keep even water down, much less anything acidic like gatorade, tomato juice, oranges or a lot of these other recommendations. They'll just stir up the bile, making me puke and even more dehydrated. You won't feel better until you're hydrated again so that's why I drink PEPPERMINT TEA. It's known to be good for upset stomachs already, so it's naturally a great way to get hydrated when you're queasy. Next to soak up that bile, nibble on saltines or goldfish crackers. If you think you can hold them down, peppermint smoothies Tums or an antacid like Zantac can help. And lastly, though not legal, smoking marijuana will KILL your hangover. It is by far the best thing... Think of it, it's so good for nausea that certain states have made it legal medicinally. If it were legal I'd say skip the crackers and smoke a bowl while you sip your tea... take a nap and you'll wake up totally refreshed with a huge appetite.

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I'm currently suffering from a TERRIBLE hangover. This post made me laugh because I started the morning off with Gatorade. Poor, poor choice! I have since moved on to a big, fat joint which enabled me to hold down a sub (carbs are key!) and is about to put me to sleep!

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