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Smelly Shelley

I have been suffering from bacterial vaginosis for at least a year that I know of. When I first started getting it, I had no other symptoms other than odor. I just remember thinking what on earth is that smell and where is it coming from.
My symptoms would start about a week before my period started. The odor would start out as like a finger nail polish remover and progress into a horrid rotten smell for the first two days of my period, then it would disappear again. I had never tried to treat it, as I thought that it was an odor that only I could pick up on. Was I ever wrong! I was horrified to overhear my coworkers whispering about how bad I smelled. I was mortified. I made an appointment with a Gyn and was given Flagyl. It didn't budge. My doc prescribed Clindamycin gel, which seemed to help tone down the smell, but on the sixth day of treatment I started my period and bam the odor was back in full force. I have tried everything! Flagyl with Metrogel, Metrogel alone, Clindamycin, Tindamax, Vh Essentials, Luvena, Rephresh Gel, Rephresh Probiotic pills, Boric acid, AC vinegar, douching with name it. The peroxide douche burned and i smelled like fried fish afterwards instead of regular fish. Ugh! No matter what I tried, the odor was still there. The treatments made the smell change, but it was still a putrid smell, just like trash mixed with medicine smell. I could still smell it through my clothes as I sat at work and would be afraid to get up from my desk, lest someone smell me and make a rude remark. People would walk by my desk and sniff loudly or make comments anout the smell. This horrible condition can put anyone into a very dark place. I was depressed, anti-social, almost suicidal.
My doctor wanted me to try boric acid again, as she felt I was not using it correctly the first time I self treated. She prescribed 600 mg every other day and also gave me Provella probiotic samples. I tried using the boric acid as directed, but as I expected, the smell was still overpowering. I started using two in the morning and two at night. It toned down the smell, but didn't completely get rid of it. After reading about other women's successes of using vaginal probiotics, I got a tablespoon of plain Greek yogurt and pulverized a Provella capsule and mixed it together and inserted it using only my finger. I didn't expect it to work, but after 2 hours, that horrid smell I'd been smelling for 4 months straight was gone!
I'm still in shock and hell bent on keeping up a regime that prevents it coming back. My plan is to start taking Boric acid twice a week as well as probiotics orally daily and vaginally every other day. I don't care much it costs because anything is worth keeping my sanity and what little dignity I have left.
I just wanted to share my story in hopes it will be a help to someone else going through this hell. I feel that everyone's body is different and what works for one may not work for another. We just have to keep trying until we find what works for us.

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I just wanted to say that I'm so glad you posted this. I have been fighting this odor myself for a few years, and I know people can smell it, and I've taken Flagyll for it, and that stuff is so terrible tasting that its not worth the few weeks fo help it provides. I haven't tried your remedy yet, but I was just so moved by how you've been treated by your coworkers that I felt I had to say something. Thank you for sharing your story to help the rest of us, and don't let those rude jerks get you down. They don't know what we go through trying to get rid of this odor! and anyone who thinks WE can't smell it is just crazy! I hate hate hate, smelling like a trash can!


Wow. The way you have been treated by your co-workers whom I am assuming are grown adults? is horrible.. I am so sorry you had to deal with this.. Unimaginable.


Hello!! It's crazy because I have the same exact symptoms and I want it to go away!! It's very embarrassing and I just started a new job and feel that they are already talking about me!! I need something ASAP !!! When I leave work I cry!! I bathe every night and morning!!!!! and still!!! Please please please I need advice !!! I will try this how long does it take for it to clear or see signs ?? Can you email me please!! !!


I never felt so supported by a group of woman I don't even know as a active mother of 5 boys I am mortified when going to events for my children or husband I believe my biggest trigger is when my husband cumms inside during sex I believe his alkaline messes with my Ph balance as one of the other women said enjoying the freedom of good sex has weighed on my confidence all my adult life I can't go to the gym with out being paranoid I'm going to try most if not all remedies I thank G-d I don't have a daughter I'd hate think she endured the same self esteem braker I hope all of you find the solution




Is your mate(s) circumcised? What I find is that my bv came from my mate of 13 years being uncircumcised. Therefore, once I got treated, we never have unprotected sex. If he gets circumcised then at that time we will start to have unprotected sex. Douching also causes bv.


I am so glad you posted your ordeal with BV. For 16 years I have been living your nightmare. I been called every stinking stanking name in the book.I have been tortured at work by grown coworkers commenting on my bv odor, I have taken every medicine prescribed for bv every home remedy listed have prayed every day for a cure but no avail. It has ruined my self esteem destroyed my social life and I am physically and mentally drained by this problem. I am seriously thinking about suicide because I am tired of living like this.I have changed my diet I bathe shower 3 to 4 times a day because it has made me paranoid. Please people do not judge a woman because she has an odor and you think she's nasty. She may be suffering with BV. Keep me in prayer because im tired of suffering with this ailment.


Please don't do anything to harm yourself. I've never had chronic BV, but I do suffer from a chronic illness so I know somewhat how you feel and I understand how hard it must be. I know you can get through it and be happy!

Zianna Patterson

Metronidazole ask the Obgyn or that either in the pill form

Or gel

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