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I had the wart on my foot for three years. Started on the ball of my right foot, and another sprouted next to it sometime later. Alright, here's a bit of science background. The wart is caused by a virus. Viruses are generally not considered alive and cannot be killed like a bacteria. Generally speaking, they're permanent. For instance, Gonorrhea can be cured with antibiotics, while herpes cannot. Now, the good thing about plantar warts, is that the virus is relegated to one patch of skin, unlike an STD which is in the blood stream. The wart springs a root to feed off your blood. The key is to cut off this supply long enough not only to kill off the root, but also long enough to ensure that any dead skin that is still infected does not re-infect the area. Now I tried everything. Acids, creams, doctors shaving off skin, freezing (both home and medical), vinegar, dish powder, etc.... Acids eat away at the skin cutting off the blood supply. Freezing is supposed to create a blister and raise the root away from the blood supply. Duct tape (which causes sweat build up), vinegar, and other soaking remedies cause the skin to exfoliate and reproduce new skin under the old) I have naturally thick skin, and none of this work. I stumbled upon my cure quite by accident (and this will only work presumably if it happens on high pressure impact points on the foot when you run). In short, I started running with minimalist shoes. I bought vibrams, but there are others out there that can be less expensive. My goal was just to get into better shape, not to get rid of a wart. Did it hurt? Yes. Did it feel like a rock was in my shoe? Yes. Did it generally suck? Yes. Running in minimalist shoes did two things at once. It cause natural blisters at first. Running a few days later created new blisters, and turned the old ones into blood blisters. Continuing on, calluses began to form on parts of my feet. The thick skin that once prevented the cure became the cure itself by become even thicker. One day, I noticed a lot of dead skin at and around the wart. I got a razor blade, sanitized it, cut the dead skin off, and under it, was perfectly healthy clean foot. I threw away the razor and the skin as the virus is highly contagious. Also, running helped me quit smoking too. That shit's like magic.

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Love your closing line!! Must take up running!

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