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I must join the conversation. In December I contracted what appears to be ringworm around my neckline after a visit to the barbershop. As fate would have it, the rash spread along my neckline and was quite irritating. Went to the doctor and was prescribed meds....didn't work. Got some over-the-counter treatments...hasn't worked. On Sunday, I checked this website for alternative treatments and I am so glad I did! The method I chose was: I scrubbed the rashes with a pumice stone to open the skin. Cleaned the area. I then took a cotton ball soaked with apple cider vinegar and gently rubbed it over the affected area and let it dry. Afterwards, I opened a capsule of garlic oil and rubbed it into the affected area. I did the vinegar and garlic oil three times a day. Today is Wednesday and the rash is almost completely more itching and the size of each ringworm has decreased and smoothed out. Thank you for the help. Oh what a relief it is!!!!

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While it may feel good to open the skin and scratch it with assorted abrading methods, it is likely not helpful, and it introduces another area for infection to develop. I do not recommend it, as it is areas degraded by fungal infection are at greater risk for bacterial infection which can be much more dangerous and cause toxic shock, blood poisoning, scarring and in very rare cases something as dangerous as necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating disease). The last thing you want to do with a skin infection is further irritate it and open it to bacteria found on the rest of your body.

Most antifungal topical agents can be applied to the otherwise undisturbed skin surface, and it will penetrate the skin by itself. If you have a lot of dead skin, you may want to gently rub it off, since ringworm likes dead skin to live on, but even that is often not required. If they have deep calluses and fissures like on your feet, you may be best to see a podiatrist or specialist in foot care about gently removing excess callous build up if you have athletes foot.

Even most of the home cures, like garlic, aloe vera, tea tree, or lavender oils, will penetrate and slow reproduction of the ringworm fungi without any additional violence to the skin.

I do not disagree with the idea of changing clothes, bedding and towels regularly, and washing them in very hot water to prevent reinfection, however.

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