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Hello ladies,I got one for you that I have not heard from anyone.I have eczema and have to use a steroid hand cream.My yeast infection got really bad with alot of swelling.I started washing 3 to 4 times a day with anti-bacterial liquid dish soap.Then I would use my hand cream after and several times throughout the day.It was instant relief.No burn at all and stopped the itch immediately.The name of the cream is Betamethasone Valerate cream USP 0.1%.You do have to get it in a prescription from your dr.I hope if you need it your dr. will let you try it.Like I said,instant relief.Hope this helps.

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Oh dear baby jesus, so as it has been established lol, I like many others are broke. Easter is coming up,saving my money for my baby's first real Easter. Ladt year we had a death in the family and holidays were not our first priority. Ib
Anywho, about YI of the who hoo lol, I have had one for about a week due to antibiotics(evil!). Never fails within one day of takig them im.dying down there.
After scrolling through 15 pages here, this is what I decided.
1)Cut up a garlic clove,boil it, pour juice in douche device(with cool water if still hot). Douche, rinse, repeat once.
2) Mix Peroxide and water half n half. Douche. Youch!! umUse rag to bite on. rinse twice or more.
3) this part if available. I had some ketaconazole 2%cream left over ( baby had thrush while i was. nursing) Dr perscribed ladies. rub generously inside and outside. Eek! Again use rag to bite on stings a little.
4) for good measure used A&d and cortizone 10 and wowza I feel great.
5) garlic broth and crackers cant hurt lol. just ur breath lol


eczema use anti fungal creams keep the area very clean. use eucalyptus cream to relive the unconformable situation, be gentle with you skin.


I also have eczema. But I beg you please do not use your prescribed eczema cream on your vee. The cream prescribed is a low dose steroid. First off I would not recommend for your skin and I would have strong caution for using on your vee. Please consider warm epsom salt baths to deal with your eczema. Epsom salt can be bought for cheap at any drug store. And use other means for your vee. Please.

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