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Get a chihuahua, it seriously works. My grandma recommended it for my little brother and his athsma seriously went away! We then had to get rid of him and his athsma came back, unfortunately. We had the chihuhua for 4 years and we had thought maybe my brother outgrew his athsma but soon after the chihuahua left his athsma came right back.

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I strongly disagree. This is NOT true whatsoever & it does not help. I did it for my child, got a pure Chihuahua for so many years and it never help. If you have a child with asthma pray to God & be patience.


I strongly disagree. This is NOT true whatsoever & it does not help. I did it for my child, got a pure Chihuahua & had him for so many years and it never helped. If you have a child with asthma pray to God & be patient.


damn your an idiot

Lord Wilford Featherbottom III

Melissa might just be the stupids person on the planet. Pray to God? Pray to your god that she and her children get hit by a bus and removed from the gene-pool. Holy shit...


What if your allergic to dogs


Jake saved my life. Not saying a Chihuahua is the answer for everyone, but saved me.


You fucking idiot! Wow! Are you serious?!?!?


I have heard of cases where the chihuahua took asthma away from a child, leaving the asthma with the dog, but I have one and it didn't do anything for me. Wonderful words to read by a 17 yr old just hoping to ease her asthma symptoms, by the way. Classy, people, and please, so mature as well. I have 'real' asthma too, just like everyone else hoping to relieve their symptoms on this site. It's real scary, and never going away, Not to mention getting worse as my body adapts to higher and stronger medication dosages. Thank you to those who have tried adding positive and constructive answers, I have heard that caffeine helps, but it works better without sugar. So if coffee is available when an asthma attack is brought on, drink it black. I have allergies along with this asthma, not just the usual ones. I can't have citrus, so there goes the best remedy for clearing sinuses. I'm allergic to a ton of things, and they make asthma really difficult. Has anybody tried out the honey trick(a tablespoon of raw, LOCAL honey to get your body used to local pollen every day)? I've tried, but it doesn't seem to be doing much good.


It's said that people who have pets live longer and there have been studies that substantiate this. Basically the reason given for that is pets tend to reduce stress which can be ONE trigger for asthma; there are many triggers for asthma so a chihuahua or some kind of a dog may be good for some asthmatics though for others it may actually trigger an attack. Getting a dog because it may help you breathe better is likely not a good idea, it would probably be more beneficial to get allergy testing and allergy shots if needed or try to eliminate those asthma triggers if possible. Short haired dogs tend to be better for asthmatics and it's helpful to keep them clean by bathing them often (roughly twice a month, or more if needed). Be cautious about what you use to clean them as it may trigger the asthma, especially if it's perfumed (I've used baby shampoo). Cats trigger my asthma however, clean dogs do not.


Why are people so abusive to each other on here?? I was hoping for some decent answers. Wish I hadn't bothered :-/

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