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I feel like jumping so high with joy.This website really is useful,well I used my own combination but with the help and guidelines from remedies from here.I am a 33yr female have not had sex for six months or any unprotected sex for that matter but got very depressed when I saw these things on me.It started with a clustered wart onthe lower lip of my vagina,I ignored it cause I did not know what it was,then this little things started speading to my anus,then I read up on them here. My remedy was mixing castor oil with barcabonate of soda make it into a paste but before u apply clean the area,wipe with antiseptic alcohol wipes then apply the paste.I took exactly 3days the small ones are gone and the big one is shrinking away.Big ups to you alll with your remedies.

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What should you apply it with?


I used my clean fingers to apply it because you mix the castor oil with the bicarbonate of soda into a paste and its easy to apply.NB! The affected area must be kept clean all the time.


One question how long do in leave it there or how do I use it ...thanks ounce a day ?


Iv been in a three year relationship and before that i had remained single for over one and a half years. My former girlfriend is clean but my current girlfriend had an affair three years ago which i forgave. In short, i got my warts from her. They first formed around the base of my penis but i burnt them off but they keep coming back. I used an ointment with salicylic acid on some that started to grow around my anus and i got a severe infection that lasted three weeks but i completely healed after two months. They are back, & ill definably use your treatment method. Thank you more than much more.

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