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God Made A Way For Me <3

Hello hello hello !

I've been suffering from BV for about 2 months and its been controlling my life. I come on here and see hundreds of remedies and females saying they've been cured. Trying to get the same result I've tried everything but no permanent solution.

Then I came on here and seen the 2 posts on Vitamin C and D. So I tried it out. It worked I was elated but however it didn't last and I had an orange discharge staining my underwear.

I seen a comment under one of the Vitamin C and D posts and someone suggested to dilute the Vitamin C inside a mixture of Apple Cider and Water (God Bless her soul). However, before I tried it, I decided to do some research and became an over night rocket scientist.

So this is what I did.
1st Step- Douche with Hydrogen Peroxide. I know it sounds weird but apparently there are some traces of it in our vagina. Also I seen online that this is like a cleaner. Put a towel on the floor or on a bed (I suggest a color towel to see what comes out) and as you douche (if you can't find a douching bottle or too embarrassed to ask for one in a store just use a squirt bottle in your house just don't reuse it to drink lol). Lay on your back and lift your legs up so your vagina is pointing towards the ceiling and squirt a mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide and Water (50% of each) and when all the solution is done. Look at your towel and see all the white chunky discharge on the towel. Your vagina is now cleared. (However insert a clean finger inside and if your finger has white chunks on it keep douching until its fully cleared of the discharge)

Step 2- Apple Cider Douche. (This is where the trusty help of that lady helped.) Make of mix of water and apple cider in a bottle (50% each but o put a little more apple cider) and in that mix take a Vitamin C 1000 mg capsule and open it (be careful not to spill any powder) and pour it in the bottle Shake well. Then get into the position with the towels under you and douche. (You might still see some white discharge that was probably left over expelling out your body) Online I heard this will restore the Acidity levels of your vagina back to its normal pH range levels. Next morning I was blessed with clear discharge ! Amen !

(Optional Step 2) Tea tree oil Tampon. Tea tree oil is known for its uses on fungus and bacteria. (Also its known for being expensive so remember its optional unless the first second step doesn't work then just use this one) So just put a couple of drops (No more than 10 or up to 30 like me because it will burn like HELL lol) and you will feel the coolness of it When you put your finger inside you might see chunky discharge on your finger. At first I was sad, thinking, back to the drawing board. But the next morning my underwear was soaked and when I checked. I was back to the clear beautiful discharge my vagina used to have. Glory Glory Glory Hallelujah ! Which leads to the most important step.

Step 3- Vitamins and Probiotics. Take Folic Acid and Acidophilus pills. Trust me, this is the only way this whole thing will work. As you can see in the first two steps we just cleaned out the bacteria and restored the acidity but dont forget we need to restore the good bacteria which has been hiding or missing. On the bottle of the Vitamin Shoppe Acidophilus with Pectin it says take up to 3 capsules. So I took all 3 lol Don't be afraid. And I got Folic Acid with Biotin but I suggest pure Folic Acid at the highest dosage possible. Also don't forget to take Vitamin C 1000mg and Vitamin D (10,000mg in my case). I also suggest these VH BV Essential capsules I seen in the pharmacy.

I did this the whole week. The only reason Tea tree is apart of it because I did the Hydrogen Peroxide for 5 days and Tea tree for 2 just to experiment a little. So it doesn't matter if you do the Tea tree one or not because I got the same results without it, but one can never be too sure. Remember tea tree oil is expensive you don't have to buy it unless the apple cider doesn't work.

I hope this long and detailed remedy helps someone out there like it helped me. If it doesn't work for you just keep trying. Remember everybody's body is unique and different so be strong and keep looking for a cure. It's Bacteria and bacteria can always be killed remember that. Just keep experimenting and finds what can help you.

I don't know who's reading this but just know I love you, you are beautiful and stay strong. God loves you, so stay strong. I'm praying for all of you fighting to get ride of this. So stay blessed and have a wonderful day. <3

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I had bv very very long time many years already its goes en back- goes en back.... And just when i found this site about vit c remedy i quickly bought and did the same after over night its gone.. But its not nice to see the melted vit c on my panty.. But glad at least its smell anymore bv is actually gone..

My question is i always read the hydrogen peroxide.. I dont know wat it is.. Can u tell me wer can i buy and how its look like? Thanks a lot!!

God Made A Way For Me <3

Hydrogen Peroxide is a simple household item you can buy at a local pharmacy for like a dollar. I hope that helps


Thank you for all this information! I just found out I have BV, I have never had it before! So I'm trying to learn what I can.
The Dr prescribed metronidazole. But the side effects sound horrific. So I'm going to see if I can tackle this with your suggestion. Wish me luck
And thanks for adding on a blessing. I've been feeling blue lately (winter maybe?) and you sure made me smile. God bless you too.!

God Made A Way For Me <3

@JustMe Hopefully this helps you and you're welcome everyone needs a little uplifting. BV can really bring a girl down, but trouble doesn't last always. Stay blessed and good luck :D

God Made A Way For Me <3


Dab alittle of the Tea tree around the inner lips of your vagina to kill the bacteria on the outside. I know when most of us shower you get this fishy smell. Well its when the soap reacts with the bacteria. So after the whole douching process put a little tea tree oil on your finger and wipe around there with it.

Stay blessed.

nina a.

i really hope this works for me ive had bv for a minute now&couldnt find a cure so i tried your remedy but without the tea tree oil hopefully i it will be gonr soon.


How long do you leave the tampon in?

God Made A Way For Me <3

I left the tampon in for about 30 to 45 minutes but if you can stand the tingling burn I just you shouldkeep it in about a hour. The longer the better in my opinion.

Stay blessed.


Hi All,

Yes this is a hideous problem to deal with and scary to think others might smell it.

I tried the Vitamin C (EsterC 500mg) insert about 4 weeks ago and the smell disappeared very quickly. It came back about 4 days before my period which is a bit disheartening so now that my period has finished I'm doing it again today. It's definitely great because the smell goes away very quickly. Who knows if it cures the infection?


OMG thank you so much for posting this. I'm doing everything you said and it's working. My OB/gyn only recommended the Apple cider vinegar and boric acid suppositories but the tea tree oil and vitamin C are a must. I tried the vitamin C pulverized and whole and both ways worked for me. The tea tree oil does burn so I recommend it doing it only twice a week and far apart in that same week. I can't believe what came out of me after a few days of doing this. The meds that are prescribed by ob/gyn's are not enough. Follow up care is necessary.

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