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I've had this virus for around 10 years and for the last 4-5 years I had really few breakouts. When you body is ready to have an outbreak you know it in advance. You feel the tingles and unconfortable feeling around the area. As soon as you feel it coming on apply rubbing alcohol directly on the area. You can use a cotton ball or even regular tissue; SOAK it with the alcohol and hold in on the area for about 1 minute (it will burn like hell but only for about 10 seconds). After you do this allow this area to dry for about another minute. I usaully take a bath or shower after this process to make sure my body it clean and clear. For best results do this before going to bed and make sure not to wear any underwear to allow the area to breathe. I guarantee you this will work and most likely you'll have a very short outbreak if any.

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This does work effectively. I started this a few months ago just by curiosity and it did work. I told my doctor and she basically looked at me like i was crazy and said ok. well thanks doc.


Do you mean. Put the alcohol on the affect are even if the sore is not open it will burn and then cure you?


I will have to say this has worked for me shower rubbing alcohol shower with dove soap and tea tree oil and cream for itch and the air cure it fast no underwear at night


When you say alcohol what type of alcohol are we talking vodka, gin, whiskey????

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