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1) Take Usana Essential (Multi-vitamins & minerals)+ Vitamin C (1000mg per day)
2) Sleep early and nap if the migraine is bad
3) Drink lots of water and eat healthy food, especially salad and fruits
4) Go for a walk
5) Meditate, watch the feeling and keep letting it go
6) Take a shower

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we've been taking usana for several years, and this has nothing to do with migraines.
going for walks is very hard to do when all you really need is dark and quiet to 'de-stress'
sounds like you are pitching your vitamins vs. actually trying to submit a comment that will help
My advice as a migraine sufferer for over 22 yrs?
1)yes proper diet and nutrition
2)relax and finding a good relaxation/meditation/hypnosis really helps
3) cold clothes to head and neck
4) pain relief medication (such as tylenol migraine) combined with a gravol for the nausea really helps to lessen the pain
5) if at all possible massage therapy to help loosen muscles and destress

these are things that will help....sorry but taking a walk in the sunshine is the least thing i feel like doing at the time

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