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Gargle salt water!

I know a lot of people hate the sound of it & the taste but honestly it works. To make it work here's what I do.

When I first wake up I put a crap load of salt in a decent size cup fill the rest with water. Then i gargle it for as long as i can. Spit out and keep doing it about 6 times.
Every time you gargle it spit out and then swallow. DONT RINSE YOUR MOUTH OUT!!! The reason for that is because even though you spit it out there is still a little that stays in your saliva. So when you swallow it goes down your throat getting to the main cause of your soreness.

Like I stated above do it about 6 times in each setting all throughout the day.

The next day you throat will start to feel better if not cleared. If it's not totally cleared do the same thing.

Another thing is when your gargling the salt water after you spit out try and hack a loogy. I know it's gross but it gets it out and that's what you NEED to do.

It works for me every time, try it!!!

Also, FOR SMOKERS: You tend to get more boogers in your nose so blowing your nose frequently can help too, also drink plenty of water after you smoke because it can cause more dryness and make it hurt worse. You should also gargle the salt water for a little bit more frequently then people who don't smoke.

I'm a smoker and it truly does work.

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thankyou..I have the sore throat ...loved the water with salt...great ..helped so much ...thankyou..


It isn't that smoker's noses produce more boogers. It is the same theory as a humidifier or sitting in a sauna. The smoke clears out your nasal passages more frequently than if you didn't smoke, hence why smoker's noses tend to run more frequently than those who do not smoke. I have several friends that will take a few drags off a cigarette when they have a painfully stuffy nose, and it will clear it out for them.

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