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Clancy Gray

Hello everyone. My name is Clancy and I am 15 years old. I have had anxiety ever since I remember with the subject of my anxiety changing as I got older. In 2008 my anxiety got to the point where I could not go to school, I could not sleep in a room by myself, it was ruining my life as well as my families. I was brought to a psychologist and diagnosed as having a severe panic attack disorder. My family did not want me being put on any medications so we opted for natural treatments. I would like to help out other people by sharing the techniques that have helped me through the years :)

- Drink tea before bed. The mix of herbs helps relax the mind and body.
- Muscle contraction therapy. This is how it works: when you feel anxious, wherever you might be, stop and slowly contract all your muscles one at a time and hold them for one minute. Release all of them simultaneously and relax for one minute. Continue the pattern until the anxiety fades.
- Worry Dolls :D this is specifically helpful for younger children with anxiety. You can buy them online or make them yourself. Several small dolls are housed in a container or box, when you become anxious pick up each one at a time and tell them your worry. They now hold you worry for you instead of it burdening you. It sounds silly but it really helped me when I was younger :)
- Last is always breathing. In though your nose out through your mouth

As of now my anxiety and panic attacks have severely decreased. I only have about one attack a month. I realize that with my condition they will never not happen but I now know how to control them when they do happen and how to make them shorter and less severe :) I hoped my tips will help you I know how tough it is living with these conditions :)

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Hi Clancy,

I suffered with anxiety and depression since I was a kid too (although I didn't realize I had 'anxiety' until many years later). I know a lot of people get good results once they find the 'right' combinations and doses of meds, but I never had any luck with that, and after losing my job/s and the insurance that came with that, I've been stuck trying to find alternative treatments.

I've had good luck with a simple breathing exercise (inhale 4 seconds, exhale 4 seconds) that I learned from It's pretty basic, but it helps my anxiety attack go away.

I'm finding exercise to be a good stress reducer and preventer too.

Glad you're doing better. Chris


My name's Hannah. I'm 17. I've had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder from a very young age, so I've almost always had some sort of anxiety. When I was fifteen, my mother died, which lead to a pretty severe, and ongoing, panic disorder. Like you, it was hard for me to get out and finish school, and it's still hard for me to spend any time alone. Anyway, I'm rambling. Thank you for sharing your remedies. I intend to try all of them, even the worry dolls as childish as that may be.
Be strong,

Auriol Hutchins

What a shame you have come to the conclusion that you will always have panic attacks - sweetie - the mind is powerful - what if you were to change your point of view? Love to hear what happens if you do.


how do you breath through your your mouth or nose when you feel as if you're choking? as if you can't even catch your breath? how to you contract your muscles one at a time when you're shaking so uncontrollably you can't even say your own name?


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