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I had a horrible tooth ache yesterday. I got online and read some home remedies. I took some minced garlic added some warm salt water. Mixed it up. Put a cotton ball in to soak up the liquid. Put the cotton ball against the tooth with some of the minced garlic on it. Left it on for about 5 minutes. The pain went away and hasn't came back. Tooth aches are the worst. Hope this helps someone.

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Crushed garlic works like a charm, thanks...


Works well in conjunction with moist heat. Ty


Definitely helped though I still feel the odd pulse of pain but otherwise very bearable thanks for the tip day three for me of pain and I can tell I will sleep alot better tonight.

eddie 74

Man my tooth had me crying and i started Looking at the remedies and I tryed it and it Work real quick thanks a lot


Tried it just now....and worked. thanks sooooo much!!!


I promise this did not work i am in so much pain which means im very upset i waisted my time. Y do people post things that arnt true knowing there are ppl in so much pain that they really try these thing. Absulutly rediculus in my opinion!!! :'(


i have a terrible toothache and i can't sleep. i tried this garlic,warm water with salt. it worked. the pain is not completely gone but i'm much better now. thanks i can now sleep.


Thanks for the advice i did it for a couple of minutes & it eased the pain 50%

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