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I had a horrible tooth ache yesterday. I got online and read some home remedies. I took some minced garlic added some warm salt water. Mixed it up. Put a cotton ball in to soak up the liquid. Put the cotton ball against the tooth with some of the minced garlic on it. Left it on for about 5 minutes. The pain went away and hasn't came back. Tooth aches are the worst. Hope this helps someone.

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I'll try this my toorh really hurts


Havent been sleeping for the past three days, thank you so much for your remedy. Used it ten minutes ago , pain gone completely:):):)


Thanks for this. It worked really well. Can finally hear myself think without a pounding in my head.


After reading this I decided to try this because the Excedrine Extra Strength i took wasn't working. I must say, this is a good relieve. It actually works. The pain has subsided a little bit.
Thanks for the info.


this shit dont work motherfucker Im still in pain fuck you for putting this false as bs on here


this remedy works!!! i have to admit at first i didnt think it was working but i kept putting it on my tooth n after awhile i dont have anymore pain. what a life savior! never thought i would get any sleep tonite. thank you :-)

Alix D

I minced a fresh clove, dumped some salt with it in a cup, and microwaved it for 25 seconds. This really does work! It's a bit temporary, but SO much better than nothing.


This works, absolutely effective! :)


I didn't have cotton balls, so I used gauze pads and have it in right now. It seems to be helping. The terrible toothache pain seems to be replaced by the slightly spicy hotness of the garlic. I'm having to spit every few minutes or so, like a tobacco chewer, since I'm not sure what impact this will have on my stomach if I swallow it. Thanks for the suggestion. We'll see how it feels after I take it out. It's been about 10 minutes, so far.


It worked!! Amazing!!

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