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I had a horrible tooth ache yesterday. I got online and read some home remedies. I took some minced garlic added some warm salt water. Mixed it up. Put a cotton ball in to soak up the liquid. Put the cotton ball against the tooth with some of the minced garlic on it. Left it on for about 5 minutes. The pain went away and hasn't came back. Tooth aches are the worst. Hope this helps someone.

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Thanks for the remedy! It didn't completely get rid of it but it definitely helped alleviate the pain :)
Pretty good for a home remedy.

Ajay Singh

My friend, thanks a lot. I am suffering from severe tooth pain since last 5 days but today it has turned horrible. I was searching for home remedies for tooth ache and just read your post and followed what you said immediately. Although I couldn't keep it in my mouth for more than a minute, as it started burning in my mouth, but I have got some relief instantly. I am gonna try it again now after few minutes for the time duration you told. Thanks very much once again. God Bless.


thanks man. i was trying to sleep for 4 hours now. thanks really


Has eased it a bit. Thanks


it work for awhile


Thanks..!! It helped a bit. :):)


My 18 year old daughter woke up at 7.30 am this morning with unbearable tooth ache, headed straight for tylenol, wanting to use medication on an empty stomach. I desuaded her, grabbed my ipad and googled home remedy for tooth ache. Your remedy was the only one that i considered because I had the ingredients at home. It is a MIRACLE CURE! In less than 10 minutes she was talking about the weather and breakfast! Thank you very much for sharing your 'discovery'. It works.


Worked like a charm and almost instantly!

mgn of san jose

thanks for te info, tried it and it did eork.

Tulsidas D V

Thanks a million...minced garlic with warm salted water has really instant relief from terrific pain

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