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I had a horrible tooth ache yesterday. I got online and read some home remedies. I took some minced garlic added some warm salt water. Mixed it up. Put a cotton ball in to soak up the liquid. Put the cotton ball against the tooth with some of the minced garlic on it. Left it on for about 5 minutes. The pain went away and hasn't came back. Tooth aches are the worst. Hope this helps someone.

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Pain free..

Thanks for the information , the minced garlic really worked.


i hope this wil work. i will try later


tnx for the info.. i will try this one tomorrow.


was it fresh minced garlic? I want to make sure I try the right thing

Mrs James

Thanks this remedy really helped my hubby


did not work


Just did it. Guess it helped a little. Gonna do it again after 30 mins or so. My breath is kickin!


I did it and it didn't work so how long do I keep it in my mouth.


Worked great! I know im gonna have to repeat it but its much more tolerable for now


Scratch that.. I placed the minced garlic and warm saltwater on a cotton ball and SURPRISE ( IT WORKED)..MAKE IT STRONG!!!! Even add a little diced onion.

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