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How to Get Dermarest Psoriasis Medicated Treatment Gel out of the bottle.

There I was, itching and burning like blue blazes...
holding in my hand the promise of relief ('specially formulated to relieve the symptoms associated with psoriasis....')

Dermarest's 'New Look!' packaging presents you with a thick gel in a hard plastic bottle.
There is an opening about the size of your toothpaste tube.
On top of this sits another cap with that twists to open a hole about as big as this 'O'.

Now, you may have a grip like steel -- I don't. I couldn't squeeze this stiff bottle more than the tiniest bit. Certainly not enough to get the contents anywhere near that opening.

Next I removed the complete cap assembly. There seemed to be something down there in the bottle but I couldn't see it.
A few hard thwacks on the bathroom counter and -- whaddya know! -- something came out: a few small blobs of a translucent gel about as thick as Jello that isn't quite stiff yet.

What to try next?
(The itching sure as #%#% hadn't stopped -- and I've been promised relief.)
I up-ended the bottle over a clean container and left it for several hours.
The result? Nothing came out. Absolutely nothing.
The entire contents, less the three blobs, was still sitting in the bottle. I could see it now. I thwacked out another blob -- and gave it up as a hopeless job.

Finally, my husband found a way to get at the contents of the bottle!

Here's what you'll need:

1.) A clean piece of plastic, a plate -- something like that to put underneath in case of splooshes (unlikely, but you never know...)

2.) A clean container that will hold 4 Fl Oz / 118 ml, the stated contents of the bottle

3.) An electric saw.
Carefully cut around the shoulders of the bottle to remove the top altogether.
(He tried box cutters, utility knives, tin snips, various kinds of hand saws and I don't remember what else -- none of which made even a dent in the plastic of the bottle.)

4.) A narrow spoon or spatula (both would be better).
Start digging the gel out and plopping it into that clean container you have ready.

OR --
Alternate Step 4 -- After cutting off the top:

4a.) Take this sorry mess back to the pharmacy where you purchased the stuff in the first place.

4b.) Ask to speak to the Manager.
(Please remember it's not the store's fault that the Dermarest marketing team was smoking something peculiar when they dreamed up the 'New Look!')

4c.) Now it's time for Show and Tell! Let off steam here!

4d.) Ask nicely for your money back -- and suggest that your exhibit be sent back to Dermarest with a few of your (expurgated) comments.

(I tried sending a polite message of distress to Dermarest via their web site but they haven't thought it worth their while to respond in any way.)

Best wishes, Fellow Sufferers!
I'm back to coconut oil massaged into my skin... It helps but it's sure not miraculous.

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wow and people said the 'p' diet was hard. if nothing else sounds like its a good workout. best humorist wishes :)

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