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I've tried RID (Killed live ice, left most nits untouched), Slept overnight and found nits in the morning. i have had LiceIce in my hair for 15 hours now. Rinsed it out and was going to wait till morning to try combing out nits again. I have been told that the LiceIce works EXTREMELY well, if you have been having a hard time getting rid of lice, order it offline, it is not common in stores and is very safe. But I need a really good, natural, overnight treatment. ANY remedies in comments have my most EXTREME thanks. I need to get rid of these nasty little bugger soon! Have used rid bedding spray, washed all clothes and linens in hot water, and boiled most everything else.

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use vinegar, tea tree oil and mix them with any shampoo.



A BAFTA-winning, British science TV production company - is urgently looking for a person of any age with headlice to feature in a live show, airing on Channel 4 THIS WEEKEND (Sunday 31st March 2013, Monday 1st Aprl 2013) . The show is about eggs from across the animal kingdom and the idea is to highlight how clever headlice eggs are because they stick to our hair so successfully! The shows air on the 31st March and the 1st April and we are currently deciding which show to feature our headlice section in. The plan is for our participant to allow a very experienced epidemiologist, to have a look for some eggs and then both him and the participant can look at the eggs under our very powerful microscopes. We have a Scanning Electron Microscope and state-of-the-art compound microscopes. Hopefully we'll see just how the egg attaches to the hair shaft…and why they are so hard to get rid of. The show has a specially designed 'hatching' studio in London and we'll be hatching quails, emus, bearded dragons, geckos, tadpoles, stick insects…and much more! If there are any young animal-enthusiasts out there, then we'll have the country's top experts in birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and insects talking about all the eggs, hatchlings and adults. If you are interested please email IMMEDIATELY!!


I'm battling the same thing & doing same thing, laundry etc. Been reading on Homeopathic Remedies. Google it!
[A]-Listerine mouthwash (the alcohol) so last nite I used menthol alcohol/30mins & rinsed with cream rinse, combed out 2DEAD Lice/louse! and an egg. [B] Mayonnaise & vinegar is another I found online, I did this right after menthol alcohol to ensure & to get some sleep. (wear a shower cap/plastic bag) Keep on for 3hours and wash out, comb out lice/nits once again.[C] Tea tree oil, Olive oil together or separate. I got lucky and looked for shower caps tonite at walmart & got in the Black Hair Products for clear shower caps(99cents/15caps) and found some deep recovery conditioner w/olive oil & Tea Tree Oil, I feel it working right now, it's recommended to stay on all nite, plus I get a great condition!
[D] Keep researching homeopathic! I read to put either vinegar, tea tree oil, olive oil in your shampoo & cream rinse. Keep this up as a preventive for 2-4weeks. Walgreens has the NEW product out for $9.00 I got the shampoo & Lice shield spray to be used as a deterrent~all natural oils.
Good Luck to you! I'll pray for you, please pray for me, I have little money so I've been doing my research for cheapest most effective remedy. Persistance, and continue to use lice comb!


Use mouthwash it works really well.:)


Mouthwash works on lice and nits,just try it.

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