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I contracted GH when I (19) years old. I am now 30. I was dating a guy who I thought was a good guy. He knew he had it and failed to tell me. When I found out I was dumbfounded as to what this was. I was treated so cold at the hospital after being diagnosed.

When felt symptoms I thought I had a bad rash, soaking in hot water for a week to relieve the pain or to urinate. It was horrible. The outbreak lasted about two weeks.

I struggled with telling men that dated about it fearing that they would judge me. Thinking I was nasty and I was in a committed relationship.

Now I'm 30, I have dated and I have explained to the men about it they didn't mind. They just was a little concerned but they really didn't make a fuss about it.

Now I am dating the man of my dreams and he doesn't know. He is so sweet and kind but I'm scared he will just pick up and leave. But, I do plan on telling him eventually because it wouldn't be far to him.

Home remedies; I usually now don't get the vaginal outbreaks like I use to. It moved, so now its usually above my anus which highly annoying. To prevent spreading wash your undies in high water temps, wash your hands after treating area. I use alcohol and peroxide on a cotton swab to dry the area. Also, using a liquid bandage will prevent it from spreading as well using Vaseline as a barrier during sex. For comfort, Tylenol, Motrin or soaking in Epsom salt. Also heard about lemon balm and neem oil but never tried it. Hope this helps a little!

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You need to tell him immediately. I was open with people up front and it scared them away. So when I met my current husband, I didn't tell hi for a month. He was so pissed that I didn't tell him right away. Luckily I had already won him over so he decided to forgive me and stay with me. I am super cautious at all times. I can tell days before I get one and. It has been over 5 years and I still haven't given it to him. Or he may just be a carrier. But at least he is aware of the risk and he has made the decision that it is worth it.

I have a friend who was married and got it from her husband. That was the only reason she found out he had it for years from a previous wife. She has never been able to forgive him for not telling her. It has ruined their marriage.


Definately tell him. I dated the man of my dreams and didnt tell him until 9 months later. He was okay with it for about a month, and then went out with his friends one night. The next day he broke up with me. I was crushed. That was Jan. 2010. While i am in a new relationship, I am not happy like I was with him. I still have feelings for him and have depression issues. 3 years later.


The alcohol is a horrible idea. I tried it because i was at my witts end. It hurt so much my feet were tingling. The only thing i could think of was to blow dry the area... Which helped a bit, but Omg... Unless there is some proof the alcohol will kill the out break, so not worth the pain.


Just to let you know: genital herpes can be transferred even from protecting yourself! Condoms do not prevent the spread of genital herpes. Also if u give someone GH they can sue you, not sure if they would win bc it's not life threatening but I have read of ppl being awarded $900,000! So you definitely need to let him know bc if you all are going to be together he would have to accept that he may contract GH and I'm not sure if sex would be worth the pain and agony that he would deal with for life! I am honestly sickened by ppl who do not tell ppl! That's how I contracted it! He swore he didn't have anything and even had paperwork! Seriously I think ppl should have to wear a tattoo on their ass or something just so everyone would know what they are getting Into or some kind of nation wide list! It's very upsetting! Date someone on a herpes dating site or something! No wonder herpes is an epidemic!!! Do doctors not explain these things for real?!?!?!?!?


Also did any one mention you can spread herpes without having any outbreaks! Can be spread through saliva, semen, ect!!!


There are many people who have it but don't know. So one may not be lying if they tell you they don't have anything. If you are concerned then have both of you be tested for everything.

my herpes is gone

herpes is fairly easy to kill if you have the courage. put 2 drops of chlorine into 4oz of distilled water. stir and drink. your stomach will roll a bit, but not to bad. chlorine kills all viruses and bacteria in the body.

searching for answers

I have known for a month now. My partner did not know he had contracted it from his last partner. I have pretty much been symptomatic since. I have moments that are more clear than others but right now I am having the worst OB since finding out. I have read on here to do Lysine, Vitamin C, Garlic tablets, and Echinacea/Goldenseal. How much of all of this should I be taking a day?


When you say you apply 'alcohol AND peroxide' I really hope you mean 'OR'! Never mix the two as when you put it on your skin it burns AND you get a white burn mark.

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