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Victoria B

I'm the type who'd much rather use home remedies than visit a doctor or take meds. A couple years ago I had a root canal done and now have a metal post going through my tooth and through my gums. I chiped part of the filling off so now that metal post is exposed and causes A LOT of pain. orajel and all that did nothing. But I found takes a cup of warm/hot water adding two table spoons of baking soda, 3 or 4 table spoons of salt and pure peppermint (or vanialla) but has to be pure. peppermint works better and leave a better taste in the mouth. Mix it all together and continue to rinse till your pain dulls this will actually last you a bit of time when the pain starts to return just rinse again. Its helping me a lot specially if you are not allowed to take pain killers.

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oh my god revolting taste but it has worked thank you so much! not sure how long for but 5 minutes refief is better than nothing thank you.


Disgusting taste but after trying EVERYTHING LITERALLY, this is the only thing that worked and I was in excruciating pain. Thank you so so much for this remedy. I can not take pain pills they make me sooooo sick...Thank you again...

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