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The best tjing i have found to help is simple. a tea bag placed at the site of the abcess twice a day for about 30 mins. at a time. it will actually draw out the abcess within a couple times depending on how severe it is. my husband suffers from abcesses quite frequently. he has been known to look like a hamstwer with a pocket of food in his cheek. and usually after 3-4 tea bags its completely gone. just a thought to try... a single tea bag....

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Im sure this has been asked but does the kind of tea in the bag matter? I have some earl gray decaf tea bags in a box - do I have to use black tea bags or .. some other type?


Omg thank you so much I am 25 and frequently have abscess flare UPS and this time I was in tears at my gf's and she saw I was willing to do anything.. I put the teabag in and she laughed saying I looked like I was chewing on a tampon ... But after twenty minutes the pain was almost gone and the swelling I noticed had already gone down a little.. I plan on doing it again tonight but thank you so much


Hi, thanks so much for the info, but does this work if you have a filling over the tooth????? how would the teabag pull out the poison if the filling is in the way? thanks!


I was amazed at how well this worked. I soaked a tea bag in hot water then placed it between my cheek and the tooth. I felt like an Iced tea maker, but was completely amazed at the infaction that I was spitting out


Hoping that this works for me. Sitting here with tea bag in mouth as we speak.


Yeah, I'm trying this right now. I hope it works. I've been in pain for over 24 hours now, so anything that will help I'm going to take it!

I haven't got medicaid, job, or money so yeah. Wish me luck.


thank you for the tip! am going to try it right now, as I have pain on upper and lower teeth on one side.


Iooking good, that tea bag as helped


A tea bag worked for me!!! Thank you!


You are a genius! This is amazing. Would love to know how it does it lol. Also, a little tip, I only had peppermint tea bags the first time and they by far taste the best :)

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