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The best tjing i have found to help is simple. a tea bag placed at the site of the abcess twice a day for about 30 mins. at a time. it will actually draw out the abcess within a couple times depending on how severe it is. my husband suffers from abcesses quite frequently. he has been known to look like a hamstwer with a pocket of food in his cheek. and usually after 3-4 tea bags its completely gone. just a thought to try... a single tea bag....

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do you use the tea bag wet or dry?


Wet or dry tea bags


Dry. stick it in the spot almost as if you were doing dip/chewing tobacco.


Does it matter what kind of tea?


I am a walmart shopper. i buy the cheap 100ct box. its black with white writing. but he has used name brand or cheap. as liong as it is for a small portion and in a bag. shouldnt matter otherwise. keep me posted if this helps. hope to hear good results.

he just had an abcess pop up the other day and by day two he did the tea bag trick and it was the last time he had to. three tea bags vs a trip ti the dentist... he is now a happy guy again.

two face

Ok got the tea lets pray it side of my face looks like a whole different me.


what can you do for the tooth pain now, HAD MY FIANCE TRY THE TEA BAG NOW, AND IT HELPED WITH THE ABCESS... but now his tooth is hurting again??????? thank you


Thank you this truly works


Yea it really works thanks


Yes this really works

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